The Tampines Area Of Singapore: A Great Place To Live

All About the High Rise Tower in Singapore
The Treasure at Tampines is one of the condominiums that can be found in Singapore that is on the rise as it provides a wonderful living experience to its owners and it is made available to all people. Also, it is considered as one of the biggest development sites ever created in the country. In addition to that, it was developed by Sim Lian Group which is a renowned developer across the globe and one of the best that you can be found in Singapore.

Moreover, the site itself is located at 118 Tampines Street in District 11. It has 2203 units and these units are varied depending on the size of the room you are going to get whether if it is a one bedroom up to five-bedroom units. Not only all that as most of their units are made available to anyone and it is not that expensive as compared to other condominiums built here in Singapore. The residents here are ensured of the fact that it is a good place for you to start a family in which you could grow with.

Why Choose This Residence?
The development site has plenty to offer and this includes its location is advantageous to anyone who uses public transport. It is much easier to commute as MRT stations are can be found here. It is near to expressways which makes it easier for you to reach the airport.

Furthermore, food is very accessible as there are lots of lots of markets, malls and even restaurants that you could find nearby. Also, their facilities are Japanese themed which makes your stay a wonderful one especially if you are a fan of this kind of style or design. Lastly, it ensures that their facilities even your child will have a wonderful time here.