How To Blend Your Online Webshop With In-Person Store Locations

To strengthen your online presence, you need to be able to tie in your website your physical store location. This can be done two ways, by linking your website to your map location and vice versa, linking your map location to your website.

Linking your website to the business location page
To be able to link your website to your map location, you need to set up your business on the map. Your business must be registered and verified on the map so that it would appear on map when being searched. After successful verification and registration, you would need to be able to build your location profile by adding pertinent details to your business location. You should be able to have a quick description of the business or shop. If it’s a bake shop, you can add on the short description any specialty cakes or pastries that you can highlight to gain the interest of the public.

You may also use the magento store locator extension to integrate other features on your business location. This will make your business more relevant, and you can start linking your website by adding your website address to the map location itself.

Linking your business location to the website by embedding the map
The other side of the process is linking your map location to your website. This is also an easy process that can be done by just updating the website itself. On the contact us page, you can embed the map coordinates on the webpage itself. Using the store locator extension tool, this can be done seamlessly by just dragging the map icon to the section and then entering your business address. The process is seamless and automatic. It will load the map location to your website and embed it over so that it becomes part of the page.